How to Discover Mallorca by Foot?

Holidays in Mallorca are not only about beaches and Mediterranean food, given that the island host the best hiking trails in Europe as well


Some people like to move on the dance floor in Ibiza’s famous clubs from sunset to sunrise. Meanwhile, others prefer to walk in the neighboring island of Mallorca before the sun rises and reach a mountain summit by sunset. The Balearic Islands archipelago provides countless holiday ideas for every type of vacationer.


Going to Mallorca in fall or spring can be as exciting as in summer time.  Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza, and Formentera make one of the top tourism destinations in Europe and worldwide. According to the Telegraph, about 3.4 million tourists from the UK visited the islands in 2014 and most of them headed to Mallorca.


Exploring Mallorca by foot or bicycle


Dipping in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea is only one of the activities that tourists crave for in Mallorca. But there is even the inland part of the island that always seduces the minds of those, who want to take a little peep at Mallorca’s countryside. Those, who don’t know much about this side of largest Balearic Islands, remain quite surprised by the little towns, monasteries, villages and the trails that link them to each other.

All these places can be easily reached from Palma by train, car or bicycle. The local government is paying special attention to out-of-season tourism. This island is a great place for cycling and all the streets are apt for biking. All the trails and routes are signed in maps and they also are equipped with information signs. Those who prefer hiking vacations instead of beach vacations, choose to visit the island from September to November or in spring due to weather conditions and the reduced number of tourists.


Even Mallorcans take advantage of the time when beachgoers leave and do what their ancestor have done for centuries, roam around the island. The countryside as well as the coast, range full of trekking locations, monasteries, medieval towns, and villages. The itineraries can be very easy, family friendly or for experienced hikers only. Those who have already experienced Mallorca by foot know the beauty it hides. Meanwhile, those who are planning to enjoy the treks of the island can visit

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